Haseltine Lake crown winner of FameLab South West final

02 3月 2015

Haseltine Lake crowned Emma Sackville the winner of the FameLab South West regional final!

FameLab UK – now in its 10th year – is part of the annual The Times Cheltenham Science Festival and is the UK’s biggest competition for new talent to engage the public in science.

Twelve contestants - who all won their local FameLab heats, which took place across the South West – battled it out last Thursday, at Techniquest, Cardiff, to be named the region’s best science communicator.

FameLab Regional final

After much deliberation from the three judges - Wendy Sadler from Science Made Simple, Peter Barnes from Tata Steel and Ben Garrod, a BBC Presenter – Emma was announced as the winner. Emma is a PhD student from the University of Bath, researching Chemical Engineering and she explained the importance of scientific catalysts by comparing them to a couple’s first date. The runner-up was Annalise Sadler who delivered an energetic presentation about the brain’s limbic system, shedding some light on why teenagers take risks.

The event was hosted by Doctor Mark Lewney, a ‘Guitar Physicist’ and the winner of the first ever FameLab. With a background in acoustic physics Dr Lewney is a Patent Examiner at the Intellectual Property Office, demonstrating the strong link between STEM subjects and Intellectual Property Law.

Lesley Evans, Chief Executive at Haseltine Lake, presented the winner and runner up prizes at the end of the competition. She commented, “When you work in science, you know how important it is - but it is easy to forget how interesting it can be. All the candidates did a fantastic job at communicating their complex topics to the audience and I thoroughly enjoyed every presentation. We have a brilliant group of scientists here that are making science accessible and enjoyable, and they should all be extremely proud of what they achieved this evening.”

To download the full press release, click here.

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