Haseltine Lake Partner selected as key note speaker at IP event in China

08 12月 2016

Haseltine Lake's lead Partner for China and South East Asia, Daniel Chew, was invited as key note speaker at “High level Forum on Foreign-related Intellectual Property Rights” – an IP event hosted by the Zhejiang IP Agency Association and the Hangzhou High-Tech Zone Intellectual Property Alliance in Hangzhou, China, on 7 December. Daniel’s presentation focused on how Chinese companies can introduce a product into Europe and what IP factors need to be considered.  

Hangzhou is the high-tech centre of China and the province of Zhejiang is the national home of international trade and IP matters, with a particular specialism in overseas IP protection and defence. The event explored the current IP issues facing Chinese businesses looking to launch products into Europe. Hosted at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Hangzhou, the event saw nearly 80 professionals from businesses attend, specialising in industries such as digital technologies, security, defence and household appliances alongside senior in-house IP professionals, marketing directors and executives. 

Partner Daniel Chew presenting at IP event

Daniel’s seminar focused on the key factors to consider when launching a product into Europe. He highlighted the important steps to take before launch, the things to consider to perform a cost efficient “Freedom to Operate”, tips on challenging the validity of your competitor’s patent, IP disputes in the UK specifically, and potential effects of Brexit on IP in Europe.

The event is just one aspect of Daniel’s extended trip to China, where he is currently visiting a variety of clients and contacts. He kicked off his visit at the beginning of the month with a speaking engagement at the Jiaxing Science and Technology Market, also on the theme of helping Chinese companies secure IP protection in Europe, which was jointly organised by the Jiaxing Science and Technology Bureau and the Zhejiang IP Agency Association. At the event, Daniel presented to over 40 executives from the electronics, biology, material science and IP industries.

Daniel comments, “I am honoured to have been invited to speak at two fantastic events. Both presented a great opportunity to share Haseltine Lake’s knowledge of the Chinese and European markets and it was enjoyable to meet so many high-tech and high-profile businesses considering launching in Europe. It was also interesting to discuss the effects of the soon-to-be ratified Unitary Patent Court and Brexit in Europe, which was hopefully useful for those Chinese businesses who may have had concerns about the current circumstances surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union.”

With extensive experience in China and South East Asia, China is an important part of Haseltine Lake’s growth strategy. The firm has had a representative office in Guangzhou, China, since 2009, and is well connected throughout the region.

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Daniel Chew
Daniel Chew
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