James Ward (Partner) - ミュンヘン(ドイツ)

James Ward



  • UK and European Patent Attorney


  • MPhys Physics (University of Oxford)


  • Electronics and Communications
    • Electronics
    • Communications
    • Computing
    • Electrical
  • Energy, Environmental and Engineering
    • Energy
    • Medical
    • Consumer products & processes


  • ドイツ語

After graduating from the University of Oxford with a Master of Physics degree, James joined Haseltine Lake in 2002. He subsequently qualified as a UK and European Patent Attorney in 2007.

James acts for clients in patent prosecution, opposition and advisory matters across a diverse range of technologies. These include optoelectronic and semiconductor devices, mobile telecommunications, audio and video processing, in-car electronics, printing technologies, industrial robots and CNC machines, and medical devices such as stents. 

Based at our Munich office, James regularly attends oral proceedings at the EPO before the first-instance Examining and Opposition Divisions and before the Boards of Appeal. Opposition proceedings form a significant part of his practice, acting both for opponents and patentees. 

Technologies in which James has acted in opposition proceedings include 3D printers, sensors for deep-sea fishing gear, firefighter safety equipment, television program guides, television audience measurement systems, injection moulding machines, DVD technologies, fax and e-mail devices, telephone routing and recording systems, and intravascular stents.

James also has experience of conducting freedom to operate studies, assessing competitor patents with regard to infringement risks and validity, and reviewing patents ahead of purchase.

James' clients include multinational electronics corporations and IP attorney firms from various jurisdictions.  James is a regular visitor to Japan and the USA, and has presented seminars in both of those countries on European patent prosecution and opposition practice.

During his training, James completed a secondment at a major US patent law firm where he gained valuable experience of US patent prosecution practice.

James has a working knowledge of German and is a member of the Patentanwaltskammer (Mitglied der Patentanwaltskammer).

コンタクト James Ward (Partner)
住所 Bürkleinstrasse 10,
80538 Munich,
E: JWard@haseltinelake.com
T: +49 (0) 89 62 27 17 60
F: +49 (0) 89 48 56 86

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