Joanne Addison (née Haywood) (Senior Associate) - ブリストル (英国)

Joanne Addison

Senior Associate


  • UK and European Patent Attorney


  • MSci Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge)


  • Chemistry and Life Sciences
    • Biotech & life sciences
    • Pharma & healthcare
    • Materials science, nanotechnology
    • Consumer products
    • Speciality chemicals
    • Chemical engineering
    • Green technologies
    • Steel, alloys, rare earth elements, mining
    • Industrial minerals, petrochemistry & polymers
    • Chemical methods & materials for the electronic & security industries

Jo joined Haseltine Lake in 2014, having worked previously for a large London firm of patent attorneys and a smaller firm in the South-East of England. She qualified as a UK patent attorney in 2013 and a European patent attorney in 2014.

Jo handles a wide range of chemical subject matter from materials and chemical physics through to petrochemicals and printing technologies. Her specialisms include inks, lubricants, fuels, fuel additives, polymers, composite materials, catalysts, semiconductor devices, fuel cells and battery technologies. She has experience of working for a broad range of UK and overseas-based clients including individual inventors, SMEs, Universities and large multinationals.

In addition to drafting and prosecuting UK, European and international patent applications, Jo has experience of EPO opposition work as well as advising on freedom to operate and infringement and validity issues.

Prior to becoming a patent attorney, Jo worked as a science teacher as part of the Teach First scheme.

コンタクト Joanne Addison (née Haywood) (Senior Associate)
住所 Redcliff Quay,
120 Redcliff Street,
BS1 6HU United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 117 910 3200
F: +44 (0) 117 910 3201

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